Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Hair Loss – Is It Related?


One of the problems shared by most men and women in our society today is hair loss. If you are losing your hair as a result of a vitamin B12 deficiency, you should consult your doctor and have him/her check your condition.

Although your body needs extremely low vitamin B12 levels on a daily basis, it is however an important vitamin needed by your body to properly function. If you start to experience anemia, fatigue, mental confusion or hair loss, it can be the coping mechanism of your body to indicate that you lack vitamin B12.

So what is the purpose of vitamin B12 in your body? Well, this kind of vitamin is important for keeping a healthy nervous system and it is also needed for the orderly metabolic function of the cells in the body. Because of its significance to your system, your body has created a method of recycling the vitamin from some other sources within the body, like the bile, capable of storing it for about 6 years.

You may wonder if your body has developed a way for both storing and recycling this vitamin, then why it experiences a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Normally, vitamin B12 deficiency is more likely to happen with people who have stomach or intestinal issues. Healthy intestines have an enzyme which is essential to your body to accept vitamin B12 and if you lack this enzyme, it is possible that you will develop a vitamin B12 deficiency. So even though your loss of hair may be a noticeable indication that there is something wrong, there could be an even more underlying serious medical condition that must be checked and treated.

Pernicious anemia sufferers tend to be more vulnerable at getting a vitamin B12 deficiency. For these sufferers, simply maximizing your consumption of the right foods may not be sufficient to overcome the deficiency, so injections of vitamin B12 may be necessary. Furthermore, as soon as you reach the age of fifty you will probably experience B12 deficiency because your body starts to reduce the secretions that are needed to isolate the vitamin from other proteins in food.


In case your doctor determines that a vitamin B12 deficiency is triggering your hair loss then he/she will most likely suggest an adjustment in your diet to increase your daily allowance of certain foods. Milk, eggs, poultry, fish, meat and other dairy products are commonly the ideal sources of vitamin B12. If you have no easy access to these foods, you can take vitamin supplements.

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