Does Rogaine Work For Receding Hairline?


Treating receding hairline using Rogaine is more popular than you imagine. For several reasons, the hairs found in the temple and frontal regions will most probably to retreat on the scalp. Also, they are more resistant to a lot of treatments for hair loss, majority of which are tried on the crown’s hair growth. For that reason, even medicines that usually work like Rogaine will leave customers with the question “Can you use Rogaine for a receding hairline?”

Initially, it was believed that Rogaine would not work for frontal or temple hair loss. Take note, there are no extensive studies being conducted for Rogaine’s effectiveness on temple hair loss. On the other hand, there were several studies proving that Rogaine can be used for receding hairline, and not only for temple hair loss.

Also, the website of Propecia claims that there is an insufficient proof to show that it will work to decrease temple hair loss, although it can be useful for frontal hair loss. Both hair loss medications are approved by FDA, therefore their effectiveness has been proven and tested, as well as its usefulness for hair regrowth.

Users of Rogaine appear to concur that this treatment for hair loss is overall effective, with most customers experiencing hair growth within 3 to 4 months. The most common issue with Rogaine for a shrinking hairline is commonly patience. Many users have used Rogaine for shrinking hairline and are observing sluggish results, but a few hairline regrowth.

Additionally, users appear to have a variety of meanings for growth. Individuals who have shed nearly their entire hair notice several growths on the crown and vertex. Numerous report finding their hairline gradually lowering with prolonged use and several have actually noticed regrowth in the temple. So, to answer the question “Can you use Rogaine for a receding hairline?” it seems like those users are responding with a big yes. This is significant to take note, since they have experienced it firsthand.

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