Can Hard Water Cause Hair Loss?


Hard water is a type of water that includes a huge quantity of dissolved minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium. A lot of people think that hard water may trigger hair loss any time you use it to wash your hair regularly. Even though medical research has not identified a link between hair loss and hard water, numerous men and women remain to be convinced. This link is thought to be caused by the hard water minerals resulting in thinning, dryness and eventually breakage. Some claim that even though hard water might possibly make your hair look thinner, there is no strong link between hair loss and hard water.

Among the downsides of hard water, the one that concerns a lot of people is hair loss. Because of its large mineral composition, hard water could make the hair appear dull and make the strands wear out. When the hair ruptures near the scalp, it may look like your hair is receding at an accelerated rate. This further damage could steer a lot of people to think that there’s a connection between hair loss and hard water. Sudden or severe loss of hair, on the other hand, is not usual and can’t be related to rinsing with hard water.

Even though a lot of people do believe there is a link between hair loss and hard water, medical professionals are generally not as certain. Numerous medical experts are not really satisfied that hard water possesses any capability to accelerate hair loss. In fact, health experts think that hard water actually leaves a mineral deposit around the hair. This deposit could make the hair look lifeless, thin, and dull. Right after rinsing with hard water, several people might confuse the thinner appearance of the hair with hair loss.

Men and women that are confident their water is triggering hair thinning can get the water inside their house analyzed. In case the water is identified to possess an excessive mineral deposit, a person can make a decision whether or not it would be good to get the water cured. This will turn the water smoother and decrease the layer of mineral deposits remaining on the hair right after washing. To reduce being exposed to hard water, those who believe that there is a connection between hair loss and hard water can even decide to rinse their hair with filtered or bottled water.

Men and women who are worried about their thinning hair should seek advice from a health care professional. Although hard water will not help the condition of the hair, almost all professionals don’t think it is among the major reasons for hair loss. By talking to a health care professional, an individual will be able to figure out the reason for his/her hair loss as well as get suggestions about avoiding baldness in the future.

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