Caboki vs. Toppik

Hair Loss Concealer


There are a lot of products for hair loss available in the market today, promising diverse solutions for sufferers. In the last few decades, hair loss products have improved a lot especially in using the method of concealing hair loss by using fibers.

Hair loss concealers using fibers are one of the most effective and inexpensive method to conceal your once hair covered scalp, reduce thinning hair and bring back your confidence in an instant. It is helpful to those who want to quickly preserve their good looks without taking hair loss medications and having hair transplant.

Hair loss concealer fibers work by bonding to the hair by means of glue, sprays or electrostatic charge. They provide better quick fix artificial cover for the bald areas or patches than toupee, wig or hairpiece.

The famous hair loss concealers available in the market today which we will be tackling are Caboki and Toppik.




Caboki is a hair loss concealer made from tiny fibers in powder form. The fibers are all natural because it is taken from the Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum plant.

Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum

Caboki researchers tried various other materials and identified that the plant has the best fiber for concealing thinning hair because it is optically similar to the human hair. The fibers of the plant works very well because they carry a negative charge and the human hair has a positive charge so it does not require any special glue or spray to bond. Since the fibers are extracted from natural sources (no chemicals, synthetic dyes, preservatives, artificial fillers and no animal ingredients), it is less irritant on most people who will use the product.


Since Caboki uses all-natural ingredients, even the colorants are mineral based and natural. All the shades of color used in Caboki are all extracted from nature like iron oxides.


Caboki using the new ingredients and formulation was granted by the FDA when they applied for registration (registration # 1091011).

caboki FDA




Toppik is a hair loss concealer fiber made from keratin that binds to the thinning hair areas giving it more thickness and volume, reducing the balding appearance. Unlike Caboki which uses natural plant fibers, Toppik uses keratin. Keratin is a fibrous protein which the hair is made of.

toppik charge

Since the keratin fibers used have no charge naturally to bond with hair, Toppik electrically charged them so they will bond with the hair. The makers of Toppik have developed a fantastic products assortment to help with the product application. For a more natural look, they have hair line optimizer and for a better control when applying the powder, they have a special spray.

Hairline Optimizer

Hairline Optimizer

Spray Applicator

Spray Applicator

They also have a separate product for a better durability called the “Fiberhold Spray”. The spray will help the Toppik fibers bond better to your hair. Although the spray product feels and looks natural, it is not water proof and comes off fairly easy.

toppik fiberhold spray


Which is Better?

Caboki and Toppik are both famous brands with many users around the world. Caboki is using natural ingredients while Toppik is using keratin fibers from animals. Because of that, Caboki is safer to those who have sensitive scalps.

Caboki is available in 7 color shades (black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, blonde, dark gray and silver/white) while toppik is available in 9 color shades (black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, blonde, auburn, gray and white). But the question is, do they look natural on your hair? Some users of both products said that they mix two shades of color just to come up with a more natural shade for their hair.

So, which is better? The answer is it depends on the user’s scalp sensitivity and shade of hair. Some users actually mix two color shades of both products just to achieve the most natural shade for their hair.


  1. Kevin Russo says:

    While looking up caboki, I message on the sidebar claimed caboki was a fraud and referred me to your link, toppik.

    After reading your information, it sounds like you’re endorsing both. Which it true and why would the link forward me to your product if you feel caboki works?

    I would appreciate a response, as I’ve used both products and plan to continue.

    Thank you,
    Kevin Russo
    Kevin Russo Design

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