Caboki – Is It a Scam?

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If you’re taking any notice of the products that are currently on the hair loss market, there is no doubt that you are going to have heard of Caboki. There is a lot of talk about this product at the moment and it certainly is interesting as it isn’t remotely like many of the usual hair loss products that you see on the market. However, is this yet another hair loss scam or does it actually work like it says it does? Let’s investigate. [You can check out the full details over at it's Amazon product page]

What is Caboki?


First of all, let’s take a look at what Caboki actually is. Caboki is a strange product that doesn’t actually help in terms of minimising hair loss, but instead, actually covers it up in a unique way. Caboki is basically a bottled product that you sprinkle onto the affected areas of your scalp where the balding appears. The Caboki product contains a unique blend of natural fibres that are designed to actually stick themselves to the existing hair on your head.

The idea of this is that the fibres will make your hair appear thicker and basically, will make you appear less bald than you actually are. Now, you will probably have your doubts about this as there’s been plenty of these types of products on the market before that have always looked pretty unnatural.


At First Glance


From looking at the Caboki website, the product does appear to be pretty well researched and on the surface, it looks great. There are plenty of photos of ‘before and after’ shots of people that have used the product and as usual, they look pretty impressive.

Caboki also claims to contain all natural ingredients, which is a plus point for any hair loss product as it vastly reduces the risk of any side effects. There are no synthetic fibres in the product or chemicals, there are also no artificial fillers or preservatives. All of the products that are used in Caboki are said to be from plants, and only plants. Even the colouring is a natural colouring so you can be sure that there will be no damage to your existing hair or scalp.

A good start for Caboki it seems.


Other plus points


Caboki has a lot going for it if the information on the website is true. Caboki claims to offer a natural look as it has been designed to match the colour of your existing hair. It is also designed to feel comfortable when you apply it to your scalp and it doesn’t actually attach itself to the scalp, but rather the hair shafts. This means that your hair should feel no different than it did without Caboki applied to it. The fibres in the product are made from Moroccan Gossypuim Herbaceum.

As well as this, Caboki is able to stand many of the natural elements according to the website. This includes rain, wind, sweat and anything else you can imagine. If this is true, there is definitely nothing to worry about with this product unless you happen to find yourself in the middle of a hurricane!

Lastly, Caboki doesn’t actually tackle the problem of hair growth so essentially, it is an overnight product. This is great for any people that have tried usual hair loss products and have seen little success.


What are people saying about Caboki?

Of course, the claims by Caboki themselves are one thing but what customers have actually said about the product are usually a completely different story. We’ve looked through many of the reviews of the product on the internet and we’ve found the general consensus to be that people are extremely happy with the product.

Many people have spoken about how Caboki was bought as a last resort for them and how after only a few days of use, they have seen some great results. Many people have commented on how you should ensure that you purchase the right colour in order for it to look natural however, so this is definitely something that you should take into account.

Of course, another thing that you should take into account is that Caboki will work best for people that aren’t completely bald. Although that might sound odd as this is a hair loss product, Caboki actually needs thinning hair for it to attach itself to. Therefore, if you are completely bald, this is probably not the solution for you. However, if you are suffering from thinning hair, the results should be at least noticeable.



In conclusion, after looking through many online reviews as well as watching a few YouTube videos on the product, it seems that Caboki is far from a scam, although the effects of the product will of course be slightly different for certain people.

If your main priority is to look less bald, this is a great product. If you actually want to increase hair growth, this isn’t for you.

UPDATE :  December 2014: has finally started stocking Caboki for $39.95 and the reviews look decent.  If you purchase some, then please report back here on your experiences.

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  1. This product is legit. There are many great ‘regular people’ videos out there where it is evident that they are truly amazed after the first application. I have a rather large bald spot that this product covers up very well. Completely bald you might be in trouble. For those of us with balding or thinning hair this product is truly a god send. If you think this product can help you out, give it a try. Most likely, t will be the best money youve ever spent in your life…

    • Hey, how long does it take for u to get to c the improvements?

    • I have a large spot on the top/back but still have some hair. Do you think it will work for me?

    • I feel like they did a rather poor job with marketing the product, (the youtube video ads with weird techno music, the typo-ridden website, etc) which is a shame because I think its fantastic – I’ve gone through 2 bottles over the past few months. I don’t know much about the company but you get the sense that its foreign and hasn’t done a very good job of figuring out what it takes to make a new product seem credible in western markets.

      The only advice I’d give people interested in using the product is that applying it takes some finesse and you will get better at it after maybe half-a-dozen tries. You might want to shampoo frequently when you are using it because it can start to clump if you leave it in for a couple days… also, though I don’t notice any of it come off on my clothes but it has discolored my bed pillows. Small price to pay I guess, considering it actually (in my experience) works about as well as those scammy-looking youtube videos suggest!

    • Is it available in south africa ? Please help

    • I`d just like to say, I`ve just bought this product and it`s fantastic on dry hair but my problem and downfall is that I have curly hair with thinning on the top and I have to wet my hair every morning and don`t have time to hair dry it when I`m working so I`m not sure if it would clog up. You wouldn`t happen to know if this would happen would you ;-)

  2. short and sweet product works! the catch is already mentioned, you need some hair in order for fibers to stick. having said that, this product is most useful for folks with thinning hair. with the right color, it does an excellent blending in with existing hair and making “appear” like you are not balding. if you try it, make sure you “youtube” and watch their website videos on application techniques b/c if you’re like me, it took me few times to perfect this. sprinkle too much and you’re wasting it and making a mess out of your sink, sprinkle not enough evenly and you’ll end up “massing” fibers in one area which def doesn’t look natural. i actually try not to cover every bit of my thinning hair just enough to evenly distribute fibers to lessen the thinning hair. it is also true, you can sweat in it, i work out regularly and it won’t run down your face like mascre. best of luck!

  3. Hi,
    Wondering, how long does it last?

  4. Yes it is a scam, Chris says:

    The scam is:
    The before shot has a guy with some of his hair bleached.
    The after shot has the same hair, but with some color applied to it.
    It’s just a magic trick. The before shot is an illusion. They guys making the video are basically fooling you of those that believe hair can come from no where hahah.

    • I think you missed the point Chris. THIS IS NOT A HAIR GROWTH PRODUCT. IT IS NOT FOR PEOPLE WITH COMPLETE BALDNESS. The reason the product works, is because it sticks to existing hair and itself making the hair look thicker and longer. Think of like eye mascara, which doesn’t grow women’s eyelashes, but sticks to existing lashes and makes them thicker and longer. It’s mascara for your head. If they used a guy with blonding proceeding hair or a guy with blond hair or bleached his hair – it was so that you could see HOW the product worked. RIF, man. Reading Is Fundamental.

  5. I’m someone who uses hair gel on a daily base (maybe that’s why I also suffered hair loss :-) ), but I am so used to it… so I was wondering, can Caboki be combined with gel / Wetlooks?


  6. Yes you use your gel as normal and then use the caboki. Used correctly and it will work ,I used it and went in very windy weather no rain went to bed and the next day it was still there. I would use it no problem. Hope this helps.

  7. It works if you have some hair and usually it sparingly and apply it properly. I reckon it’s the best and cheapest way to give an ‘illusion’ of hair and best of all, it looks natural. No-one will ever spot in unless they inspect your scalp.
    It lasts until you wash your hair but at the price-good value. If you have a bald spot- it’s excellent.

  8. I use caboki too. Its best thing every i used for my hairs.

  9. Will this product run or fall out if you are working out, sweating, or wipe your head? That seems like it would be embarrassing and not even worth it if that is the case

  10. So what if you are losing your hair?

  11. My dad has thinning hair in the middle of his head. But it is long and poofy. Caboki has to get to the shaft of his hair. Will it work on long poofy (but still thinned out) hair

  12. My dad has thinning hair in the middle of his head. But it is long and poofy. Caboki has to get to the shaft of his hair. Will it work on long poofy (but still thinned out) hair. Im thinking of getting it for him


  14. Does it affect existing hair. I’m not bald, just had a really bad haircut, and I have a date tomorrow

  15. Im a black male….so i was thinkin because i got short low cut hair would it work….an if it do could i brush it

    • Troy, I bought it for my son who is thinning already, he is 16 and it is a great concealer for African-American hair if you have a short cut. It actually works better if the hair is cut short and I would recommend getting some hair spray to help it stay longer. Once you wash it you have to apply it again. I have also advised my son to wear a doo rag to bed because it can come off the hair and stain your pillow case.

  16. Old Bloke says:

    Why are you all so worried about going bald???
    It’s natural. Get over yourselves.

    • exGIJoe says:

      Some men look good bald. Others don’t. A lot depends on general head shape and facial features.

  17. I was a skeptic so about a year ago I got the free sample I have thinning hair to the point where you can see my scalp..
    So I ordered it and tried it on back of my head and just a matter of seconds the Illusion of hair was there I looked like was a regular guy with purposefully short haircut… I dont have enough hair in the front of my head for the fibers to stick to, but thats fine some hair is better then nothing. I do notice if theres not enough hair that the powder turns into sort of dirt looking substance where theres not enough hair. Other then that it does do a good job and I usually will apply it whenever I go out on dates or parties or casually out and about.

  18. ShaveItOff says:

    If you’re bald/going bald, just shave it all off. Women aren’t attracted to you because of your hair, but rather your personality. Hair or no hair, if you’re a “nice guy”, women won’t want you anyway. Better to be a bald “bad boy” than a “nice guy” with hair.

  19. jood42 says:

    “There is a lot of talk about this product at the moment and it certainly is interesting as it isn’t remotely like many of the usual hair loss products that you see on the market.”

    Seriously? This is exactly like other products that have been on the market for well over a decade. It’s not a miracle product and it’s not unique. You need to have a certain amount of hair to make the filler not obvious. You need to be ready for sweat and rain to make it streak. You need to be ready to have hair fibers all over your bathroom forever (and they’re hard to clean up because of the static charge). If you use it frugally and carefully, it can disguise thinning very well, but its usefulness is limited.

  20. I am almost ready to give Caboki a try but have one question that I did not see addressed on this site. In using this product, do I have to worry about it suffocating my hair follicles, not allowing them to breathe? That seemed to be a main concern of the hair restoration clinic I use. Thanks.

  21. pls i want purcase caboki
    so i want to know the price &shipping
    for sultanate of oman
    thank you

  22. marie kilbane says:

    I think I am too chicken to try out this sample but I read all your comments.. I better stay out if it.. God made us and bald ( that’s life)

  23. I’m not even going to go bald (my genes) and this is fascinating to me, lol. But for those who comb over, it looks far better to not hide it than fool yourselves.

  24. Bald Chick Magnet says:

    Shave it off or at least cut really short. If you feel you really need this product, then I think you also need psychiatric help. The grass doesn’t grow on a busy street guys, everyone knows that. ;)

  25. I am completely and TOTALLY happy with this product!!! I have been prematurely gray since my 20′s and have had my stylist dying my hair brunette with natural looking highlights for ages, which was my original hair color. I am now having to get my hair colored every 4 weeks. The week before I go in for color, my gray roots make it look like I have bald patches. My hair is also getting a bit thinner, although it has lots of wave and body. Bottom line – I just tried this for the first time today and was FLOORED at how well it immediately filled in the areas that looked “patchy.” I chose dark brown for the color, as my roots look better darker. It looks completely natural and it has solved a problem that I’ve been embarrassed about for quite awhile. I DEFINITELY recommend this product!! I knew that it would probably work as I had a product similar to this for my eyelashes. It really works.

  26. This stuff is no better than “Toppiks” or any of the other rebranded versions. I’ve tried them all. Not worth it unless you have minimal hair loss. MINIMAL.

  27. Allison says:

    My hair is thinning rapidly, unfortunately ALL OVER my head. I am a 45 year old woman, and if I ever start to actually get a bald spot, I intend to give Caboki a try (would be worth the cost). Congrats to all who have had success with the product!

    • Allison, I’m a 28 year old women and my hair is thinning rapidly. I use Karanique hair care system to help keep what I have and help with regrowth. Since that takes some time I got a free sample of the Caboki from their website. I absolutely love it!! All my thinning is really noticeable at my part and my bang line. I pretty much have no bangs. I couldn’t even wear my hair back because you can see streaks of my scalp. This stuff has boosted my self confidence greatly. I wish I could put before and after photos on here for you to see. I know you posted that on here a while ago but I just wanted to share that with you from women to women.

      • I love it ..I have baby fine hair ..With this product it looks like I have a massive amount of hair ..

  28. I am a woman with dark hair that is thinning, have tried several products to camouflage with mostly disappointing results. This product is exactly what I was hoping for. Easy and quick to apply and blends in beautifully. Ladies, just make sure to blow dry and style before applying, then lightly comb and apply hairspray. You will love it!

  29. I have used this product for over a year. My hair is thinning on top, but not completely gone. This product fills in the spots perfectly. It stays on until I wash my hair (~ every other day). The only “complaint” and it is not really a complaint as it would be expected, the product may rub off on pillows. But a very small amount of hairspray usually takes care of that.

  30. Today afternoon recevied the free sample of Caboki, I tried right way, amazing!!! I’m vey happy at this first day, can’t wait to got to the Agentine Tango dancing party tomorror night.

  31. Jan Willingham Lang says:

    Yes it works for me! I have quite a bit of thinning on top. This product blends right in with my hair, and thinning is not noticeable! I definitely use hairspray to keep it in place. –Highly recommend for light to moderate thinning.

  32. James Dare says:

    Read ALL these comments, hard to untangle the real from the propaganda. Who knows who posts all these.

    I get my “free” sample soon, I say “free” because there where shipping costs.
    Hopefully I can update this with my results.

  33. How much time takes to gone ? I mean when I use it how many times take every time or when I wash my hair what will happened ? Last how much for one bottle ? And its use how many times ? Thanks you reply

  34. I had my hair done at a salon recently. Was going to my daughter’s wedding and decided to get my hair washed, cut and blown the night before so that I can fix it the way I like it on her day. The stylist pulled out a container of Caboki and told me if I’d like to disguise my this hair areas. I asked her if there would be a mess and she said little to none. When she finished, she sprayed my hair a little and I was amazed because I now had a full head of hair and this is no small accomplishment because like I said, I have very thin hair. The next day I showered as usual but kept my head out of the water. I styled my hair and everyone at the wedding including my daughter, loved my hair. NO ONE knew I had used Caboki on my hair! I love the product and requested the free sample and they sent me one. I agree with another user here who said they do not know how to market Caboki. It really is an aid in transforming thin hair into more thicker and luxurious hair. Although it is not a permanent solution, I left it one for three days and my hair looked good everyday! Next tmie I hang out, I will use my Caboki! Good luck to all!

  35. I am so happy with this wonderful product, I have thin curly hair and I wear it short, I’m not losing my hair, but I hated the holes when you could see the scalp. My hair as stayed shiny. I wish they would come out with a face cream that actually takes wrinkles away, I haven’t found one yet. Maybe Caboki could come up with one. Thank you for this fabulous product.

  36. Hair Transplant in Lahore says:

    Really wonderful thanks for sharing such a nice informative post.

  37. Dear,
    Results seems to be good.

  38. I have long hair (down to the waist), which is thinning rapidly all over, but especially in the front, top and sides. I have decided to cut it in hopes I will stop shedding. When I comb I see very long strands of hair fall on the floor, as well as on my comb. I’m also experiencing hair breakage. My question: Can I use Caboki with my very long hair or should I cut it first? I’m just wondering how it would look applied to long, long hair. Will it work?

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